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 PowerPlay Podcast TV  pricing is competitive and cost effective for those  individuals,groups,orgainizations,companies  and others who looking to enhance their brand. 

 Podcasting (FULL PRODUCTION  1 hour)
Video & Audio Recording
Live Streaming (FaceBook, Yo
utube & Twitcher)
3 Camera Angles  (with switcher)
On-Site Engineer
3 vertical display monitors that stand alone or connect to create one single display monitor.

Use for bringing in remote guests, graphics, or videos.Large horizontal display
tor. Use for bringing in guests or graphics.
60” display monitor (backdrop for live shots)

Monthly  $ 375.00
One-Time setup fee $150.00
(4) (1 hour podcast)

Bi-Weekly  $ 275.00
One-Time setup fee $150.00
(2) (1 hour podcast)

Weekly $ 125.00
One-Time setup fee $150.00
(1) (1 hour podcast)

Rental $ 200.00
2 hour minimum





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